Responsible Gambling

Gambling is one of the favorite activities for worldwide players. They enjoy spending free time in both online and brick and mortar casinos while having some fun. The majority of gamblers control the wagers and play responsibly. However, there is also another side of coin or players with problematic behavior. In this review, we will consider the notion of responsible gambling and issues related to it.

What is gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction is a very complicated term in those days. It refers to compulsive behavior and inability to stay away from casino/betting places even when you fight to do so. There are three categories of betting addiction:

  • compulsive betting -when a person possesses no control of his betting desire. The player doesn’t think of consequences whether he loses or wins the game
  • binge gambling refers to people who have problematic gambling behavior from time to time. It would seem that everything is fine, thus when they start gambling the problem comes to the light
  • problem betting refers to people who have occasional gaming issues in their daily life. You will recognize them among people who hide their gambling habits or cannot stop from betting for a longer period of time

Problem definition

If you want to observe gambling addiction among players, you should recognize obvious signs. There are various explanations of problem gambling including that of the American Psychiatric Association. So, what are the signals of compulsive behavior? Check out the list below:

  • if you constantly think of betting
  • if you need to increase the wager to boost the mood
  • if you are nervous when you lower the wager
  • if you gamble to escape daily issues
  • if you find yourself in chasing losses
  • when you entering illegal activity in order to sponsor gambling
  • when you risk serious relationship for gambling purposes

These are some of the most obvious betting addiction signs. However, if you want to check whether you have a serious problem, you should visit a physician who can evaluate your medical state.

How to avoid gambling addiction?

If you have a difficulty with betting addiction, you should consider immediate treatment. There are distinctive modes to tackle gambling obsession. One of the helpful ways is psychotherapy method. You should visit professional staff who will support you during the recovery process. It is generally believed that addictive gamblers, apart from having this problem, have also a psychiatric issue. The healing procedure is here to solve not only addiction but also serious health problems.
If you look for more techniques to tackle gambling issues, here are the possible ways:

  • cancel gambling for another time
  • draw your attention with something else
  • surround yourself with friends

Play responsibly

Everyone who joins betting competition, should play responsibly. It includes several strategies for safe and secure gambling. Here are the tips:

  • place bets within the limits
  • stand back from gambling if you are upset
  • combine betting with other activities

Gambling Addiction Resources

Finally, we should consider gambling addiction resources. Here we think about possible help for serious gamblers. Players respond differently to treatment methods, and some of them require a combination of treatments. We will recommend well-known therapy resources:

  • gamblers anonymous – this is programme of 12 steps intended for people around the world who have the same betting issues –
  • National council on problem gambling for players and their families with available counselors in the USA
  • national problem gambling helpline network for local help
  • GamCare for patients in the United Kingdom
  • support in single countries
  • gambling helpline –
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