Privacy Policy

This general policy depicts how manages your data and allows you to keep the relationship with us.

Collected data

When you open an account at the website you need to provide personal data including name, surname and similar. We could also stay tuned about your visits to the site and the services you use. It may involve, but not restricted to, web browser,  IP address and your location.

There are certain services at the site which are exclusively available upon you provide some information. Players are free to choose whether they want to provide that information but it could lead to the reduced functionality of the platform as well as unavailability of certain services or products.

Use of data

Once you open an account and use the site or its data (direct use or via the app for accessing account) you agree to use of personal data as indicated in the policy. Should you don’t give consent to our terms, you must instantly stop using the site and provided services.

Your data will not be vended or lent to any person.

Personally recognizable information will be revealed to the site holder, third parties or enterprises if:

  1. You provide consent to reveal this data
  2. Your information needs to be shared to give you the demanded services or data
  3. To answer to any legal procedures
  4. it is confirmed that you breached terms and conditions of the platform, guidelines or rules for particular services

In case you are not informed differently at time of data collection, any enterprise to which we give information according to point 2 is restricted in using this information only to the level needed to provide services you asked for.

Customers who open an account at the platform may get a welcome mail which includes all necessary information and services related to your account. It involves information about possible site interruptions or maintenance problems which could affect provided service. To feature services or data you asked for, your recognizable data could be transmitted or kept on a desktop device or in offices situated outside of Canada and you are required to agree to them.


Once you open your account and use our services, you accept site cookies.

Cookies, GIFs and other technology solutions could be used to track your visits to the platform. Cookies allow safer web experience as they memorize your passwords and preferences while identifying the IP address of your device.

Cookies also allow the provider to estimate which sections of the site are favorite and which are not, which is later used for enhancement of users’ experience. Players are free to set the browser to deny cookies and they are not compulsory for visiting the platform. However, there are functions which are not available unless you accept cookies.

Safety and Privacy

The platform has made several steps to provide top-notch security of your data.

The transfer of data via the internet is not free of scams. Our site will always strive to provide high safety of users’ information but we cannot ensure the security of data which are online disclosed. We recommend players not to unveil account credentials to third parties. The provider will never ask for a password.

This site could include links which take players to platforms operated by third parties. The information which these sites collect is not included under our privacy. It is not our responsibility to take care of the privacy policy of other providers. Therefore, we suggest players to check the terms and conditions of these parties before unveiling any personal data. It would be best to reach them out and ask how do they use the collected information.

Possibility to opt-in / opt-out and data modification

If you accept to receive emails from the site, you agree to receive regular emails about offers, promotions, our events, products, and materials from our partners.

Should you want to stop receiving such information, or you want to modify previously given information, just send changing directions and they will be processed as soon as possible.


This Privacy Policy could be upgraded. If something like that happens, users will also see last updated info. Players who continue to use the site after disclosure of updated privacy policy, agree that the provider collects their data according to the upgraded terms. You must agree with upgrades which extend the division or utilizing of your data in ways other than disclosed in policy will be provided at collection time.

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