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Ever since they were invented, Video Poker machines have been the continuous source of a lot of craze and interest in the gambling community. The sheer number of games can overwhelm anyone, even players who have played on them before.
It becomes imperative then to know a few basic rules and understand the payout rates before starting a session. In this article we go through the basics of video poker machines and highlight some of the advantages of playing on them.

Rules of Video Poker Machines

Playing on these machines will come naturally to those who have played even a few hands of poker. The aim is to get a set of cards or combinations that offers a payout. These groupings are the same as the base game which is why it is important to know a bit of poker before migrating to these machines.
The machines are based on traditional poker that contains a 5-card draw. After placing a bet, you will be given five cards. Thereafter, you can choose to replace a few cards to piece together a winning grouping. Once the hand is over, the machine determines if you have a winning combination. If you do, you will be paid out according to the payout tables.
Since it is a game of probabilities, a great deal of skill is involved. Getting pair is much easier than, say, getting four of a kind. To ensure that all cards are dealt at random, the machines utilize RNGs which makes it impossible to predict the cards. Some people believe in luck or charms, but these don’t play any role at all.

Payout in Video Poker Machines

When poker strategies are applied, the house edge remains low at the level of a fraction, while the payout rate jumps to 99.54%. It is important to consider the payout table as well. A higher combination will be ranked higher in the table and will have a higher payout than a combination that is easy to get.
A maximum of five coins can be inserted at a time. With each subsequent coin inserted, the payout improves exponentially, especially if you manage to get higher combinations. When choosing which poker machine to play on, always check the RTP. Any machine with an RTP of 95% and above is worth checking out.

Advantages of Video Poker Machines

There are various benefits of playing on Video Poker Machines. For starters, it is found on virtually every online casino platform and users can even use casino bonuses and promotional offers to play them. Their graphics and sound effects are quite impressive and will keep you immersed in the game for long periods of time.
Next, since the game is based on skill with little or no luck involved, there is always room for improvement. Those who like to learn about the game will definitely have an edge and will also be able to execute strategies effectively. Those who’ve played poker before will not have any issues migrating to this format of the game.


Ever since their inception, Video Poker Machines have never gone out of fashion. They are almost ubiquitous in the gambling industry and you will find multiple machines at any given casino. It is quite easy to learn the game and start playing from straightaway. The payout rate is in the high nineties and success is almost guaranteed to those who know how to play the game properly without any guess work.
Most of the video poker machines have their own themes and attractive graphics that add on to the fun and excitement overall. If you want to get away from the monotony of playing the same game over and over, video poker machines will be the ideal place for you.

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