Multihand Blackjack

Blackjack has various variants and it is been hailed as the most alluring casino game. For this reason most casinos offer it on their platforms. Multihand blackjack is one variant that has seen widespread popularity in the last few decades. Due to its enticing and challenging nature, it guarantees tons of excitement and loads of opportunities to win huge sums of cash.
It is perfect for those who like the classic version but also want to try some of the other interesting prospects on offer. Playing this variant on online casinos gives players the ability to consider their strategies without any distractions.

Rules of Multihand Blackjack

The majority of the rules of this variant are similar to those of classic Blackjack and so users don’t have to learn it from the beginning. The players are still up against the croupier and work to reach 21 without surpassing it.
One major difference, however, lends users the ability to make multiple moves and wagers with several hands. In this variant, users are permitted to have as many as five hands so they have quite a few options to strategize as they like. While the game is ongoing, users can play each hand differently and wager based on their strength. Each hand should be considered separately without worrying about how many hands are involved.
On most gambling platforms, the addition of this rule takes away the option to yield though it does allow them to insure against the croupier’s ace. The rules also force the croupier to hit 17 and peek, especially since this variant contains a card that is placed face down. Splitting is only permitted thrice and users can double down on any of their hands.

Payout in Multihand Blackjack

The payout rate for this variant is the same as that for the classical version – 3/2. This ensures that the house edge is kept at a minimum and players get immense opportunities to win huge sums, especially if they play wisely and choose an effective strategy given the changes in the rules. Always check for the subtle alterations in the rules depending on the platform that you are on.

Benefits of Multihand Blackjack

There are various benefits that one can possibly avail while playing Multihand Blackjack. As mentioned, the slightly nuanced rules render the game much more stimulating and challenging, especially for users who are looking for a fresh way to play blackjack. Other than that, thanks to the low house edge, users can effectively win huge sums of money. One isn’t required to relearn the game from the start although the little changes will require changes in the game-play strategies as well.
Multihand blackjack has gained such renown chiefly because it adds excitement and thrill to the basic game by allowing users to make a variety of moves and wager on multiple hands. Also, users can play at their own pace without being pressurized by the croupier or other participants when they play the game online.


In toto, playing Multihand Blackjack takes the excitement of the base game to a whole new level. As long as players pay attention to the subtleties and nuances brought about by slight changes in the rules and make changes to their game-plan accordingly, the game can become quite interesting and highly rewarding.
At the same time, it is important to note the rules to ensure that no additional changes are made that may favor the casino. Furthermore, a basic understanding of Blackjack is a must if you are going to make headway into Multihand Blackjack.

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