Meta Title: Multi Wheel Roulette Gold – All you need to know to start playing
Meta Description: Multi Wheel Roulette Gold is a highly enthralling game that pays high dividends. If you’re looking to learn more, keep on reading.

Multi Wheel Roulette Gold comes from the software developer Microgaming – an industry giant that provides its games to hundreds of reliable and trustworthy online casinos platforms. With this addition, it has brought something new to the genre of roulette games. In this article we take a look at what’s new, what the payout rates look like, and what are some advantages of playing this new variant of roulette.

Rules of Multi Wheel Roulette Gold

Playing this variant shouldn’t be an issue if you’ve ever had the chance to play European roulette before. The rules of the game are still the same. Predict a number or a group of numbers, wager on them, and if the wheel lands on the corresponding fret, you get paid.
The chief difference is that, as the title suggest, this variant of roulette is played with multiple wheels at once – eight to be exact. The number of wheels that one plays with is dependent entirely upon the user. Users can activate or deactivate the wheels with just a click.
The betting is liberal enough to satisfy both casual players and high rollers. A bet made is placed on all active wheels. Essentially, this means that your wager will be multiplied by the number of active wheels. The basic form of the game is similar to that of European Roulette, in that it has 37 divisions with numbers one through thirty-six, and a zero.
The game can be found on multiple casinos that are affiliated with Microgaming. It is also compatible with mobile platforms so users have the convenience of playing even on the go.

Payout in Multi Wheel Roulette Gold

Each wheel of the multi wheel roulette gold has its own payout rates and is independent of other active wheels. That said, the payout rates are the same as one would find in a European Roulette, which is 97.37%. With such low house edge, and multiple wheels spinning, the chances are greatly maximized which is one reasons why people have taken such a fascination for this concept.

Advantages of Multi Wheel Roulette Gold

Managing the multi wheel aspect of this variant may feel cumbersome to some but in reality greatly improves the game dynamics. This is because it comes with payout rates and betting options that are native to European roulette. If you’ve never played roulette before, even then you can learn and start playing in a matter of minutes.
However, it is advisable that you start with the demo first and wager only when you feel confident that you have understood the nature of the game. Since this is a chance based game, Microgaming ensures that it utilizes the most sophisticated RNGs to keep the outcomes completely arbitrary.
The graphics of the game aren’t as sophisticated but they nevertheless keep you engaged. Due to the sheer number of wheels that are on display, the game screen may look cluttered at first if you’re not used to it. However, after a few tries, you will get to know which option does what and will be able to categorize them better.


Multi wheel roulette gold by Microgaming is an interesting new variant of roulette that has taken the game to the next level in terms of excitement and game-play. Since it is fairly similar to European roulette, save for the number of available wheels, it is quite easy for players to switch to this version and try out their luck.
The payout rates and betting options are similar to European roulette as well which ensure that chances of users winning is not diminished in any way. The addition of seven more wheels only adds to the excitement and keeps one engaged for longer.

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