Keno Kick Off

Most people associate Keno with boring lottery games that are quite dull and uninteresting to play. Hardly will you find anyone recommending such games to those who are looking for a fun time at the casino. However, this stigma has been broken by 1x2Network Games.
Their newest addition Keno Kick Off brings together the best of casino gambling and theme-based online gaming. In this article we take a look at the rules of Keno Kick Off, the payouts, and some advantages of this revamped iteration of Keno.

Rules of Keno Kick Off

Keno is one of the simplest games to play, and remains so with this variant as well. Before you commence the game, you will be required to pick your wager. Note that the higher you wager, the bigger the returns would be.
Next, you are required to pick up to 10 numbers out of the 40 displayed. Users have the option to pick them individually or leave it up to the computer to pick the numbers arbitrarily for you. You can even select a single number if you prefer. Though winning with fewer selections is hard, the payout one receives is much higher than if one were to pick more numbers.
Once the selections are made, the game begins and one-by-one the balls are drawn. Up to 10 of these numbered balls are drawn and placed on the grid. If any of your chosen numbers hit, these will be displayed on the screen along with the payout that you will most likely get.

Payout in Keno Kick Off

Keno Kick Off is mainly a chance based game with little or no skill required. This is why its payout rate hovers around the 85% mark. With a minimum and a maximum bet of $0.10 and $20 respectively, the maximum amount that one can win is a whopping $10,000.
Users can recommended to wager high as any numbers drawn that correspond to their prediction will lead to a higher payout. At the same time, though it may seem tempting to only choose a few numbers to improve the payout, it is safe to pick all the numbers. Only if you hit will you be able to get any returns.
The game employs a sophisticated random number generator to ensure that all the balls are drawn at random. This keeps the odds of each ball being drawn equal. Without this aspect, the game would lose much of its appeal.

Advantages of Keno Kick Off

There are various advantages of playing Keno Kick Off. Ever since it has been available as an instant-play game with a football theme, it has become much more attractive to players. One can simply read the rules and start playing straight away without any game experience. As such, there are no barriers to entry to play this game.
The numbers are all laid out on a football field and the sound effects are quite impressive as well. You can rest assured and stay immersed in the game for long periods of time. Though the payout is not as riveting as other casino games, for a completely chance-based it is still quite impressive.


Keno Kick Off is a new variant that has breathed new life into the genre. Though the game is unchanged, it has been revamped and now has become much more attractive to players. Anyone can play the game by learning the rules once.
The graphics and the sound effects have been upgraded. Various other options are made available which users can use to wager and pick the numbers quickly. Being a chance based game, there is a lot of thrill and excitement attached to it which is what is capturing people’s imagination. Now that it is available on both computers as well as on mobile platforms, users can play even on the go which is quite convenient for modern gamblers.

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