Jackpot Keno

Most people shy away from playing Keno at online casinos. Such games have been stigmatized and pigeon holed as boring and uninteresting types for so long that simply mentioning their names makes one cringe. However, 1x2Gaming has introduced a new form of Keno that doesn’t just promise to entertain but can payout handsome amounts as well.
In this article, we take a look at Jackpot Casino, how to play it, the payout rates, and why playing it would be advantageous to you. So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

Rules of Jackpot Keno

Though it is a fairly simple game, knowing the basics are important if one is to extract the most out of it. Firstly, it is necessary for the users to choose how much they will be wagering on the game. Note that the higher the amount wagered, the higher the payout would be.
Thereafter, you have to predict and pick the numbers that you believe will win the round. From a total of the 80 displayed numbers, you can select a maximum of 15. Users also have the choice to select the numbers themselves or delegate the task to the computer to arbitrarily choose for them. You can even select a single number.
The fewer numbers you select, the higher the payout would be. However, it is recommended that you pick all fifteen as it improves you chances of getting a payout though it may not be as high relatively speaking.
After that users have to tap on the Play button which will start the game. A maximum of 20 numbers will be drawn. These numbers will be reflected on the screen and light up the grid as they are drawn. If the drawn numbers match your predicted numbers your returns will be reflected on the screen. Once all 20 balls are drawn, the total money won will be reflected.

Payout in Jackpot Keno

Jackpot Keno is a completely chance-based game. This means that there is no skill involved. However, this does not mean that people cannot have fun and win money while playing it. Though the payout rate is at 88%, the maximum amount that one can win is a whopping $10,000.
The money won will depend on your wager and the number of selections made. To ensure that all the balls are drawn at random, 1x2Gaming uses sophisticated Random Number Generators. This makes sure that each ball has the same odds of being drawn. This greatly amplifies the thrill and excitement of the game.

Advantages of Jackpot Keno

There are many reasons why people gravitate towards Jackpot Keno. Firstly, the game is not that hard to understand. Just by learning the rules, you can go ahead and start playing. No prior experience will make your game better. This ensures that there are no barriers to entry and anyone can play.
The game also has exceptional graphics and sound effects that can keep you immersed in it for hours on end. Since it can be played on both regular casino websites and also on mobile platforms, you can play it even while mobile. The payout may not be as lucrative as other games but for a completely chance based game, it is still quite high.


1x2Gaming has changed the way people think about and play Keno. Since its introduction as an instant-play game, it has truly exploded in the online gaming community and made quite an impact on gamblers from all over the world.
It is not only ridiculously easy to learn and play, but it also has a decent payout rate which should keep one occupied and lengthen one’s game-time quite a bit. The fact that it is available on all platforms only adds to its charm and makes it one of the best ‘specialty games’ to play.

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