Firefly Keno

There are many popular games that one would recommend on a casino, and Keno is usually not one of them. There are certain games that are tagged and characterized as simply ‘other games’ as they provide a banal lottery-like experience.
However, Keno has changed dramatically in recent years. After entering the instant-play market, Firefly Keno by 1x2Gaming has revamped the whole game so much so that it is now found in the category of slots, poker, and bingo. In this article, we take a look at the rules of the game, its payout, and some of the advantages of playing Firefly Keno.

Rules of Firefly Keno

Learning to play Firefly Keno is a walk in the park. There is a board in front and users are required to select as many as fifteen out of eighty numbers provided. The minimum selection that one can make is a single number.
All your wagers will be divided between the selected numbers. Since the payout rates are always on screen, you can know what exactly it is you’re playing for and can adjust accordingly. Once you have chosen the numbers and wagered to your liking, hit ‘Play’ and that’s about it.
The fact that there isn’t much to get one’s head around is always in the game’s favor as more and more people would be willing to play it. There isn’t much skill involved and it is mainly a chance based game. To ensure that all the numbers are generated at random, the software developers utilize sophisticated Random Number Generators that mimic arbitrary chance as much as possible.

Payout in Firefly Keno

Given the fact that Firefly Keno is a chance based game, one really cannot expect to have much of a payout. Forget games that provide payout rates in the high nineties. Here, you won’t find anything more than 87.5% which, if one were to consider all the variables, is still quite commendable.
The wagering options range between 0.10 and 20 coins. The top prize that one can get is a massive 10,000 coin payout. If nothing else, then this ought to really get your juices flowing. Though most people prefer to choose as many numbers as possible to increase their chances of success, it doesn’t pay much. On the other hand, though it pays better, hitting a few chosen numbers is much tougher.

Advantages of Firefly Keno

There are some benefits to playing Firefly Keno. Firstly, the game is available on all major casinos that are affiliated with 1x2Gaming which means you won’t have to look to hard to find the game. Next, the game has decent graphics and sound effects that can keep you occupied for a decent amount of time.
Firefly Keno is also a simple game to play. There isn’t much to learn here and gaming experience doesn’t really count for much. Needless to say, there is no barrier to entry here. Lastly, though the payout rate is not much worth bragging about, people can get their money’s worth at the game. The excitement and the thrill abounds especially when one manages to hit the much coveted top prize. The elusive nature of the prize adds to the thrill of winning it.


Firefly Keno has changed the way people look at Keno in general. It has grown above and beyond its narrow pigeonhole as was defined previously. Its migration to the instant-play format has allowed users to play it anywhere, anytime, even when they are mobile.
There is no learning curve here as the game can be played by reading the instructions only once. If you feel you’re tired of busting your head on too many skill based games and are looking for an easy and fun game to play, Firefly Keno is the right choice for you.

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