Double Exposure Blackjack MH

Double Exposure is a highly admired and well-liked variant of Blackjack. This has been a favorite on gambling platforms for a number of years and is played both on traditional and mobile casinos. As its name suggests, players get to see both of the croupier’s cards which is quite unlike other Blackjack variants. Users would still be required to have a basic understanding of the classic Blackjack to understand this version thoroughly.

Rules of Double Exposure Blackjack MH

The rules are similar to those of the original blackjack with a few minor alterations. You are still up against the dealer, trying to get to 21 before he does. But, as suggested before, both the dealer’s cards are exposed. It is easy to assume then that the player will win every time but a few changes in the rules ends up giving the edge back to the house.

The dealer must stand on 17s or higher and all ties are won by the dealer, except the blackjack ties. Every win, including the blackjacks, pay evens which tempers one’s advantage. As a player, you have the option of doubling down on split hands, or on hard totals like 9, 10, and 11. Users can also split pairs but if aces are split, each will receive only one more card. One cannot split pairs that have been split before.
Double exposure is offered both as single – and multi – hand version. In the multi-hand version, there are 5 hands that are played which are great for practicing and also to simply hit the table for all it contains. Since the double exposure aspect of this variant completely opens up the dealer’s cards, there is no insurance or surrender offered. The range of the table bets are between 1 and 500 credits.

Payout in Double Exposure Blackjack MH

The house edge of Double Exposure Blackjack MH is a paltry 0.67% especially if one plays correctly. This means that the payout rate is in above 99% which is quite a standard payout rate for a Blackjack variant. Furthermore, depending on one’s skill in the game, the payout rate can further drop. This is why it is extremely important that users understand how to change their game-play strategies with the alterations in the rules that characterize this Blackjack variant.

Advantages of Double Exposure Blackjack MH

There are various benefits that come about when one plays the Double Exposure Blackjack multi-hand variant. Though the changes in the rules do swing back the initial advantage of the double exposure, users can benefit massively by playing this. Since not all casino platforms offer this amazing gem of a Blackjack variant, you should take the opportunity of gambling on one if you come across it.
Since the overall game remains the same, it helps to understand the basic Blackjack game first. This will give them a better chance of winning on variants as long as they know how to change their game strategies.


This blackjack variant is refreshingly wonderful, especially if one is bored of the original. The unique aspect of this variant is that the dealer’s cards are exposed which really brings about a new dimension to the game and the strategies used to play it. Those who are familiar with the classic version should note that this variant doesn’t have any pushes. All ties, including the blackjacks, go the dealer’s way.
Once you can get your head around the slight changes and nuances of this variant, it is easy to master and extend one’s basic strategies to keep that house edge below one percent.

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