Poker has innumerable variants and all of them bring something unique to the base game. Deuces Wild is one such variant that adds a unique angle to the game which increases the excitement and can be a refreshing change to those who are tired of playing the same base game.
In this article, we take a look at the rules of Deuces Wild Poker, its payout rates, and some advantages associated with it. Furthermore, we will also provide some tips on how you can make the most of your money on this variant.

Rules of Deuces Wild Video Poker

The rules of the game are more or less the same as the base game. After being dealt two cards, bet on the possible combinations as the common cards are revealed. The player who has the higher combination wins.
What differentiates this variant is the fact that it users can play with 50 hands at a time, and every deuce acts as wild card. This greatly improves the chances of getting higher combinations such as royal flush. One important aspect to consider is that your initial deal can be copied to your other 49 hands as well. Your combinations are always assisted by a deuce turning up.
Both these conditions allow one to bet higher. Users can bet anywhere from two cents to five dollars per hand. To get a feel for the odds, it is important to play all 50 hands at once. As you can tell by now, this game is chiefly meant for entertainment purposes and is not exactly a gambling game. The credits in the game don’t have any cash value, which allow one to focus on the entertainment value rather than the money.

Payout in Deuces Wild Video Poker

Since poker is a game based on skill, with proper strategies, users can maximize the returns. That the deuces work as wild cards can be used to improve the hand combinations. When users get four deuces straight up, they improve their returns 200 fold for each wager and each hand. The payout for a four of a kind makes up as much as one-third of the entire payout percentage of the game.
Theoretically, when played with perfect strategy, the return can be as high as 100.8%. For a full pay schedule, you can go to the game and click on the question mark for more information.

Advantages of Deuces Wild Video Poker

There are various advantages of playing Deuces Wild video poker. For starters, this variant doesn’t focus much on the gambling aspect of the game. Rather, it is mainly played for entertainment purposes. This is one of the reasons the game can be played with 50 hands.
There are various online casino platforms that have this game in their repertoire. Users can play on their desktops or on their mobile which makes it highly convenient for those who don’t have the time to stay glued to their computers. The game also has impeccable graphics and soundtracks which keeps one immersed in the game for hours on end.


Deuces Wild Video Poker is a highly exciting poker variant that is played by thousands of players all over the globe. Casino bonuses can be used to play this game as well for those who are unsure of the rules and the payout rates at first. Since the rules of the games are more or less the same as the base game, users can quickly learn the alterations in the rules and migrate without any problem.
Only when users play with all 50 hands will they be able to get a feel for the odds of the game. If you’re tired of playing the same old poker base game, you will be sufficiently surprised with the exciting new possibilities that this variant has to offer.

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