Baccarat is quite a straightforward game in terms of rules and payout rates. But there are various variants that allow for extra bets which can bring in huge returns. One such variant is Baccarat Dragon Bonus wherein the extra wagers have payouts based on the victory margin.
Due to its high huge reward potential, this variant has become quite popular in the last few years. In this article, we take a look at the rules, the payout rates and the benefits of playing this popular variant.

Rules of Baccarat Dragon Bonus

At its heart, Baccarat Dragon Bonus is no different than basic Baccarat. The aim of the game is still to predict which one of the two – the Player and the banker – would have a higher total value. The betting can be made on either one, and also for a tie. The game is played with a deck of 52 cards. Once the predictions are made, users can wager according to their predictions.
The game does constitute a bit of luck for which the software developers use sophisticated algorithms that ensure that all outcomes are independent of each other.

Payout in Baccarat Dragon Bonus

What truly differentiates this variant from the parent game is its extensive payout table. Except for naturals, the wider the win difference, the more profitable the payouts would be. The rate is one to one if a score of eight or nine is obtained by the winning hand. In the case of a tie with naturals being drawn by both then the wager is pushed.
As for the other outcomes (not naturals) the payout is dependent on the win difference being higher than four or more points. For instance, when a player has eight points and the opponent only two, the bonus wager is won by a six-point difference. If it is below four or if it is a tie, there is no payout.
The payout for the hands won is as mentioned in following manner –

  • Even money for a four-point difference
  • 2 to 1 for a five-point difference
  • 4 to 1 for six-point margin
  • 6 to 1 for seven-point margin
  • 10 to 1 for eight-point difference
  • 30 to 1 for nine-point margin

Note that these odds are applicable to both player and banker bonus. If you’ve never played this variant before, it is recommended that you try out the game for free before wagering actual money on the side bets.

Advantages of Baccarat Dragon Bonus

The advantages of playing this Baccarat variant are many. Other than the usual payout rate of Baccarat, there are many possibility of making money via side bets. Though they may be riskier propositions for the uninitiated, those who know the game can improve their chances of success manifold.
The game can also be played on mobile platforms which provide great convenience to players all over the world. The graphics and the sound effects are quite life-like and will keep you immersed in the game for long periods of time. Additionally, you can even use casino bonuses and promotional offers to play the game.


Baccarat Dragon Bonus has excelled as a variant of the popular and age-old game of Baccarat. Thanks to the multiple side bets, users can gain huge profits that are unheard of on any other Baccarat variant. It helps to understand the basics of Baccarat first before migrating to this variant.
However, with online casinos allowing users to try out the game for free at first, users have the ability to get a few games’ experience before wagering with actual money. Other than the side bets and the payout rates, the game basically remains the same which people all over have come to love and admire.

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