Baccarat Controlled Squeeze

There are various Baccarat variants in the market. Some of them make the game easier while others make player experience more thrilling. One of the latter is Baccarat Controlled Squeeze, developed by Evolution Gaming. There are a few changes to the rules and playing rituals that we will go through in this article. Additionally, we will also mention the payout rate as well as a few advantages of playing this Baccarat variant over others.

Rules of Baccarat Controlled Squeeze

This variant is played with eight 52-card decks. The basic value system of the cards is followed. Aces are considered as one point; numbers 2 to 9 are valued as marked; and 10s and face cards are considered zero. As is the case with standard Baccarat, users can bet on anyone playing, even a draw.
A couple of cards are dealt to each in the beginning and the banker moves his blocks to point out hand squeezing. Third card rules apply depending on the total value of the cards. Once the game ends, the total card values are assessed, and the one who is closer to 9 wins. Multiple side bets are allowed as well. As mentioned, the rules of the game are mostly the same as the parent game.
What differentiates this variant from the rest is that players have the opportunity to squeeze their own cards, rather than letting the banker have all the fun. You have the option of reveal your cards by swiping or tapping on the screen when playing online. Some time is fixed for players to do so and a timer is set that marks the end of the controlled squeeze. Of course, engaging in controlled squeeze is optional and users can opt not to do so.

Payout in Baccarat Controlled Squeeze

The payout rate for this variant is at a staggering 98.94% when players make use of the ideal bet strategies. If you wager on both the players being dealt matching cards, the returns are at 11:1. If you bet on the hands being pairs, the return is 5:1. In the case of an identical pair, meaning the cards are the same in terms of suit and value, the return is 25:1. Lastly, if the cards match for the players, the return is 200:1.
Bonus is also paid out if one of them wins by a difference of four points or more. These can really increase one’s ability to make huge profits on non-natural hands.

Advantages of Baccarat Controlled Squeeze

There are various advantages of playing Baccarat Controlled Squeeze. Since the game is basically the same as its parent game, users don’t have to learn anything new. The side bets allow users to make great profits by wagering on win margins. The controlled squeeze adds a dimension to the game that has been missing from its predecessors. Now, even the players have the option of squeezing their cards – a privilege which is traditionally reserved only for the banker.


Baccarat Controlled Squeeze gives players the opportunity to squeeze their hand the way a dealer usually does. This adds to the anticipation and excitement of the game and makes an already great game even better. This variant by Evolution Gaming is available on mobile casino platforms and also as a live dealer game, thereby bridging the gap between brick-and-mortar casinos and online ones.
This variant also allows users to make various side bets and bonus bets that let them make huge profits. Besides that, the payout rate is quite exceptional as well that ensures that users keep coming back time and time again. Those who understand Baccarat and know how to utilize specific strategies can benefit the most, though even beginners can learn in a manner of minutes.

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