American Roulette GamesOS

Amongst the various table games that have gained widespread popularity over the decades, American Roulette is perhaps the most played in the United States. Lately, it has caught on in Asia and the United Kingdom as well, making it perhaps the most popular roulette in the world.
In this article we take a look at what differentiates American roulette from other variants, its payout rates, and some of its advantages. It can be played both on regular online casino platforms as well as on mobile.

Rules of American Roulette GamesOS

The basic rules of American Roulette are the same as any other variant, except for a few minor alterations. There are 38 divisions on the wheel, marked 1 to 36, a zero, and a double zero. These last two slots are marked in green. The goal is the same as on any other variant – predict which fret the ball is going to settle into.
Prior to that, the user wagers on a number. Thereafter, the dealer turns the wheel in a direction and tosses the ball in the wheel in the opposite direction. If the ball finds its place in the fret that the user predicted, s/he gets paid.
There are no limitations to the number of bets that can be made on both inside and outside sections of the layout. It must be noted that bets can be placed, changed, and removed even if the wheel is still in spin. However, no alterations can be made once the croupier calls off the bets and shouts “no more bets”. Once the croupier calls, no player is allowed to change anything and the bets are set.
Other than having the zeros, one major variation in American Roulette is the fact that the chips do not have any denominations, and instead use 8 different sets. Each set contains 300 chips. The value of the chips is determined by the total buy-in amount and dividing it by the total number of chips.

Payout in American Roulette GamesOS

The payout rate in American Roulette GamesOS is expected to be around 94.74% which is quite high given the nature of the game. This means that the house edge is at a meager 5.26%. Compared to European roulette with a house edge of only 2.63%, this variant has a higher house edge. This is due to the fact that American Roulette has more slots to bet upon, that is zero, and double zeros.
Nevertheless, it must be noted that it is basically a chance based game and the wheels are powered by random number generators which ensure that each spin is entirely independent of previous spins.

Advantages of American Roulette GamesOS

There are various reasons why people gravitate towards playing American Roulette GamesOS. Firstly, it is one table title that is extremely exciting for people since luck plays a huge role. It is fairly easy to play and doesn’t require one to understand any sophisticated rules and gaming strategies. All that users have to do is wager and let the ball spin.
American Roulette GamesOS can also be played on mobile platforms which make it extremely convenient for people who cannot expect to visit land-based casinos or stay glued to their computers.


American Roulette GameOS is one of the most exciting and stimulating table games ever created. Not only is it easy to play but it also allows punters to win back a large portion of their wagers in the long run. With the addition of a couple of extra slots, this version of roulette open up additional possibilities for users to bet upon which, though it increases the house edge, does add another dimension to the game.

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