American Blackjack

If you are Blackjack enthusiast, you would be quite familiar with American Blackjack. Even though the basic game remains the same, there are certain changes which make it quite different from its European counterpart in terms of rules and its house edge. At the same time, the rules may also differ depending on the gambling platform that you are on. Nowadays, thanks to online casinos, you can play American blackjack on the go.

The rules of American Blackjack

The goal of the table game is still the same as its basic version – reach a score of twenty without going beyond it. However, there are other certain nuances and subtleties that need to be taken into account. In this variant, the croupier gets two cards, one facing up, and one down which is also called a hole card. The dealer also has to stand on soft 17.
The player has the ability to wager on the bonus in conjunction with the basic bet. Doubling down can take place on any two cards, even after a split. No more than three times can a hand be split, which means that four is the maximum number of combinations on one box. Furthermore, players have the opportunity to double down on any starting hand.
The most noteworthy alteration is the fact that the croupier gets a hole card. Also, when the croupier gets a 10-value card as their face-up card, the croupier has to check for blackjack. If the croupier has blackjack, the hand is over and all the bets are lost. The player also has the ability to surrender at any given point in the game unless the croupier has blackjack. In that case, no surrendering is allowed. Since it becomes clear whether or not the croupier has the blackjack, there is no concept of insurance.

American Blackjack Payout Rates

Though American Blackjack has the standard payout rates of 3/2, this can vary depending on which casino platform you’re on. It must be noted that depending on one’s skill and gaming strategies, one can capitalize on the payout rates and make huge profits. For such reasons, it is essential that one gets to know the rules of the game before starting out. Without it, no matter the payout rate, the user won’t be able to win much.

Advantages of playing American Blackjack

There are a few advantages of playing American blackjack. Firstly, since the house edge is lower than usual, those who are skilled can really take advantage of it. On top of that, there are certain rules that really benefit the players, especially if they are adept and flexible at changing their gaming strategies with the different rules.
Other than a few changes, the game on the whole remains the same. This ensures that users can understand the game easily, especially if they have been familiar with Blackjack classic. Users are urged to slightly adjust their game-play strategy by taking into account the changed rules. Those who have never played Blackjack before are recommended to try their hand on the basic version before moving to its variants. This will give them a better understanding as to how to go about the game.


American Blackjack is quite a popular variant of the game that has garnered a lot of popularity over the decades. The slight n changes in the rules do lower the house edge considerably and allow users to greatly benefit from the same. There are various casino platforms that offer this variant for users to gamble on. Those who have played Blackjack before would find this variant to be quite a delightful change that not only challenges players, but also entertains them thoroughly.

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