As in any gambling game, in poker, there is a special language. It would be rather difficult to communicate during the game without knowing the particular poker terms. Overall, we can come across 100 terms related to poker, which are used rather regularly. Several of these examples appear so often that they became a significant part of the gambling area. Several notions are less popular. Just have a look at such terms as Aces cracked, a round, over-pair, royal flush, steal, wheel, pocket pair, and others. If you are a regular poker player, you should be aware of the majority of these terms. Several words are taken from our ordinary language and then matched with the poker game. You may probably add some notions to this list.

Do You Want to Win in Poker? Avail of These Strategies!

In this article, we would like to tell you about less popular terms. Perhaps, you will find them exciting and useful. You may also use several of them in your own poker vocabulary for making it more flexible and rich:

  • Sheriff — Probably, you heard about it while playing poker. That is a widely spread name of a player calling down his competitor in order to be certain that he is not bluffing him out.
  • Money Odds — If there are not enough money in the pot for making a call which is worth the risk, then, mucking your cards may be the best option to your rivals.
  • Hi-Lo hands —It is a particular strategy when you keep a small card (up to 7) together with an honor card as your downturned cards. You may not understand this first, but if your hand becomes better on the flop, you have a big chance that this hand will pair one of your retained cards. Still, you should avoid this strategy at the beginning of the round because it may be very expensive for you.

If you have ever read the book under the title Play Poker Like the Pros created by Phil Hellmuth, a poker star, you may have come across his description of players related to the animal world. The author suggests the following classification of poker players:

  • Eagle: A poker professional included in the top 100 experts who participate in the biggest competitions and poker tournaments.
  • Jackal: It is a risky player with a wild strategy, he often stays in several hands and regularly wins.
  • Lion: This type of player is a real expert at bluffing. He can play tight, and he is not restricted to Hellmuth’s Top Ten.
  • Elephant: He is a real calling-station, he sticks to see many flops.
  • Mouse: A poker player with a conservative position in the game. He often folds pre-flop and uses the strategy of Hellmuth’s Top 10 starting hands.

If you want to become a poker expert, discover a unique poker language and its key terms. From our article, you will get to know lots of interesting facts

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